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Welcome to Shop Boutique Unique

Unique goods for a good cause

Thank you for your inquiry to Boutique Unique. Monthly online auctions began in October 2022. Merchandise is picked up post-auction at 301 Archibald Street.

All profits are used to further the work of Centre Flavie. To find out more about Centre Flavie please visit www.centreflavie.com

Next auction from : 21 July, 2024 to 28 July, 2024

About Us

Our Story

Boutique Unique is a secondhand and vintage boutique created to help raise long term sustainable funding for Centre Flavie. Centre Flavie is a donation and volunteer-based Non-Profit Charitable Organization, that serves vulnerable and impoverished members of the community. 100% of Boutique Unique funds directly support Centre Flavie with operational costs and ensuring the longevity of Centre Flavie’s essential services.


Boutique Unique helps raise funds so that the Centre Flavie may continue to provide comfort and support to the impoverished and the vulnerable.


Boutique Unique and Centre Flavie strive to be effective allies in the battle against poverty so that the most vulnerable may live in a dignified manner.


Sustainability | Inclusivity & Diversity | Compassion & Respect

Our Causes

What We Do

At Centre Flavie, we help up to 100 families every day, and thousands of donations are dropped off at our current location every year.

In 2019 alone, we received and collected nearly 18,500 donations and distributed over 54,000 household articles and bags of clothing.


Monetary donations


Item donations





Make a Monetary donation

As a charitable organization, Centre Flavie relies on donors for financial support to continue its work. Click here to donate now.

Donate an item

We accept a multitude of items including furniture, clothing, and even vehicles! Please bring your donations to 301 Archibald street.


Come live an enrichening experience while helping raise funds for Centre Flavie in our mission to serve the impoverished!

To volunteer please contact us at 204 809 6604, email us at [email protected]


Contribute a donation

We appreciate your donations! If you would like to donate items please contact Centre Flavie directly. Click below for Centre Flavie’s website and donation information.